Lumiere HD By Heath McKnight In 2003, when the US learned of HDV with the JVC HD10 one-CCD camcorder that shot in 720p, videographers rejoiced. The only problem was there was no support in Final Cut Pro, which left many in the field of videography and digital filmmaking wondering if they should take the plunge. ...Read More »
AJA Xena LHe capture card By Mike Jones The tools of cinematic production in the digital age are often celebrated as adhering to the much touted 'trickle-down' effect whereby the high-end inaccessible tools of yesterday are the common indie producer's tools of today. This is of course evidenced in a range areas from compositing to 3D graphics, from high-definition to real-time editing systems; all once the domain of dedicated hardware systems and now perfectly at home on a laptop. ...Read More »
Roxio Toast 8 Titanium By Kevin Schmitt Toast has been around for what seems like forever, dutifully providing us fun-lovin' and free-wheelin' Mac users with delicious disc burning goodness throughout all the tumult and upheaval the last decade-and-a-half (or so) has brought to the world of computing. And while that last statement was perhaps a tad dramatic, the point is that Toast is a very mature product which Roxio somehow manages to make more and more useful with every release, and Toast 8 Titanium is no exception. ...Read More »
The Sony HDR-UX1 By David Hague The HDR-UX1 is the DVD based member of the family and weighs in at 660g. The Dual Layer compatible DVD mechanism (DVD-R, -RW and +RW are also supported). ...Read More »
ADK 5500 Workstation By John Virata ADK Systems, out of Alexandria, Kentucky is a specialist system builder that started out with DAWs and later added digital video editing, gaming and other systems to its complement of offerings. The company recently sent us a new system for review targeted at video editors. With ample storage (8+1 hard drives in a single enclosure) and Intel Quad Core XEON CPUs. ...Read More »
muvee autoProducer 6 By John Virata Consumers are shooting video and taking snapshots with a wide range of electronic devices. A lot of times, those images are often just emailed or burned to CD for viewing in their raw glory. It is not very often that regular folks take the time to create some cool projects with those video or image files. muvee autoProducer 6 hopes to change all that. ...Read More »
Sorenson Squeeze 4.5 Compression Suite By John Virata Sorenson Squeeze is one of the most widely used video compression suites for both Macintosh and Windows users. The company has made it a point to keep the software compatible with the latest video file formats, and version 4.5 adds some new support. Virtually every video that I put up on Digital Media Net has been compressed with Sorenson Squeeze because it outputs high quality, is very easy to use, and supports the widest video file formats. ...Read More »
Gamers Offer Rave Reviews For Sony PlayStation 3 Crammed in the corner of a hotel's banquet hall, they stood and stared silently, mesmerized by what they were seeing. They were watching a soldier gunning down a giant monster on one TV and Miami Heat's Dwayne Wade taking over an NBA game on the other screen. ...Read More »
First Look: CalDigit S2VR Duo 500GB RAID Storage By John Virata RAID based storage devices have always been a popular hardware addition to NLEs, DAWs and for those who need the fastest disk performance. Others need the security net of a RAID system that ensures data integrity, while others just need a lot of fast storage space. With the drop in hard disk space thanks to competition and consolidation, external RAID devices have come down quite a bit in price. ...Read More »
Primera Bravo SE Disc Publisher By Dave Nagel The cost of entry for disc production systems has just been lowered drastically. The Bravo SE, the latest in Primera's Bravo Line of Disc Publishers, offers all of the functionality of its predecessors, but with a reduced disc capacity and a price point that's $1,200 less than the Bravo II, its nearest competitor. ...Read More »
Sony Vegas 7: Strong Video and Audio Editing Software Gets Even Better By Charlie White Sony Vegas 7 is now Vegas + DVD Production Suite, and offers digital video/audio editing and DVD authoring in the same box for $699, $200 less than its predecessor's $899 retail price. The good news is there are significant improvements in this software package from Sony, making it easier than ever to create all types of video productions. Usability improvements abound throughout the package, and it's also more versatile. Let's take a look at the capabilities of this updated version, testing the software on all types of video and audio content. ...Read More »
A Cut Above the Rest: Stock20 By Douglas Spotted Eagle It's rare that I'll review a stock music library, and even more rare that I'd have great things to say about stock music. In fact, this is the first time I've ever wanted to say anything good about cheap stock music at all. ...Read More »
Lenovo ThinkPad Z61T notebook computer By John Virata Notebook computers have been fast outselling desktops, and the market for these devices is fast becoming glazed over as notebooks become more similar in look and feel as well as in price and performance. First it was the widescreen format that attempted to differentiate units, then it became price. Lenovo has begun to address this bland, me-too disease by delivering the ThinkPad Z61T notebook, which not only offers speedy processors, WiFi, and other features, but delivers the experience in cases that others can only dream of delivering. ...Read More »
HD DVD player clunky but offers clear image Consumers looking to upgrade their home theaters can now choose between two types of high-definition DVD players _ the confusing result of a long-running format war involving Hollywood studios and technology companies. ...Read More »
Maxtor Fusion 500GB hard drive By John Virata With the acquisition of Maxtor by Seagate complete, the combined company now has to determine how to market their products. While Seagate and Maxtor both have external storage solutions, the footprints of these drives remain different and their usability features are, for the most part, also distinct. Maxtor has introduced the new Fusion line that is different enough to put it in another class, and that is of web-enabled networked storage device. ...Read More »
''Voice Drops'' Sound Byte Collection By Frank Moldstad Nightingale Music has released Vol. 4 of its Voice Box series, ?Voice Drops, a high-quality library of 750 production-ready human vocalizations. The sounds are suitable for broadcast, film or multimedia applications, and are divided into 20 different categories, from Love & Romance to Insults & Bad Attitude. Here's our review. ...Read More »
Samsung Writemaster SH S182D By John Virata The Writemaster SH S182D is a triple-format EIDE/ATAPI drive that supports DVD-RAM recording as well as the more popular DVD+RW and DVD-RW recording formats. The drive, the latest in Samsung's line of internal optical media storage solutions, is targeted at IT professionals and businesses that perform backup tasks on daily or weekly schedules and need multiple DVD recording format support, as well as home users who need to backup the huge amounts of data being generated by today's latest digital media devices. ...Read More »
Seagate 500GB eSATA external hard disk drive By John Virata The Seagate 500GB eSATA hard drive is an external serial ATA drive solution targeted at those in the digital media space (such as video editors, DVD authors, audio pros and 3D animation artists) who need a faster, external, high capacity solution than what is provided via USB 2.0 or FireWire. ...Read More »
TMPGEnc 4.0 XPress By John Virata Digital video is becoming pervasive as more devices feature the capability to capture video. What started with DV camcorders has mushroomed to other digital devices such as cell phones, digital cameras, PCs and PDAs. If you are a fan of Windows Media Center Edition as I am, you are more than likely recording a lot of TV shows that you don't want to miss. ...Read More »
interVideo DVD Copy 4 Platinum By Brad Luber interVideo DVD is consumer software, designed to help users get their movies from one set of media to another. Compress movies, copy DVDs, make web movies, create PSP or even cel phone images with the software. How hard is it to set up and get cracking on this software? Here's an overview: ...Read More »
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