On-screen Superhero Categories Coming Soon By Erik Sofge Wondering what kind of big- and small-screen superhero series can you expect to see next? Heres a look at four categories. ...Read More »
Big- and Small-screen Superhero Categories Coming Soon By Erik Sofge There are more comic book character films at the box office this summer than ever before. What kind of big- and small-screen superhero series can you expect to see next? Here`s a look at four categories. ...Read More »
Basics for Working with DVD Video By Rob Boirun, BurnWorld On a typical day I usually receive around 5-7 emails about how to do a certain DVD burning tasks. To me these are simple answers and over the years I just assumed that the answers I was providing is now common knowledge. However this is clearly not the case as more and more people are just starting to get familiar with their DVD burners. So I decided to write about some of the hidden 'secrets' that everyone should know about while working with your DVD burner. ...Read More »
The New Face of HDTV When it comes to HDTVs, it`s easy to be seduced by just a pretty picture. But that`s not enough anymore. Check out these new must-have features you are going to want in a high-def TV. ...Read More »
The Business Benefits to Podcasting Podcasting can be an invaluable asset, increasing the visibility of your career or business. Here are the tools you need to make it work for you. ...Read More »
Recovering Data on Your Mac By Rob Boirun, BurnWorld Recovering data from your Mac can be quite difficult once the Trash folder is emptied. In many cases, getting back personal files on your Mac may result in only a partial recovery of your files and folders if you don't take the correct steps. ...Read More »
Your Paper Resume If you think you can land a job with just an artfully worded cover letter and the right connections, youre kidding yourself. ...Read More »
DVD Burning Software - Free vs Paid? By Rob Boirun, BurnWorld When you are evaluating the very best free software for DVD burning on Windows it's important to understand what is offered inside a free version over a paid version. While this article will explain several free burning apps and their benefits, I'll also explain a few paid options as well, as to what they offer over the freeware counterparts. ...Read More »
Music to the People Recent tech innovations are revolutionizing the way we think of music. So even if you`ve never played a note, you, too, can create music. Here`s a look at the latest developments in the world of tunes. ...Read More »
Stream Machines By Simon Munk Catch the current with the latest and best media streamers that let you take video and TV feeds with you wherever you need to go. ...Read More »
Time to Gear up for 3-D TV? By Tim Jarvis Wondering whether your home theater's ready for a 3-D TV upgrade? Start with these state-of-the-industry insights. ...Read More »
The Consumer Video-editing Revolution By for Digital Innovation Gazette The advent of digital video technologies has brought the Hollywood professional??s editing tools down to the consumer level. Now, even a teen can try his hand at becoming the next George Lucas or James Cameron -- and there??s a ready audience w ...Read More »
TRON: Evolution -- Game Developers Go Hollywood By John Gaudiosi DisneyInteractive Studios has a PC game that serves as a bridge between TRON the 1982 hit movie, and TRON: Legacy, the 2010 sequel. Propaganda Gamesworked with the filmmakers to enable gamers to interac ...Read More »
Protection from Zombies In corporations across America, it's "Night of the Living Dead." Fortunately for CIOs, these zombies can be stopped. ...Read More »
Making Magic: On Schedule and Within Budget By Garret Romaine Framestore, one of the world`s leading digital film and video studios, brings fictional planets to life, makes a children`s toy talk and re-creates the London waterfront of old. ...Read More »
How Avatar Leaped Into the Third Dimension By John Gaudiosi Filmmaker James Cameron has pushed computer-generated technology and, more recently, 3D technology, with his blockbuster films, such as The Terminator, Aliens, True Lies and Titanic. But until Avatar, he stayed away from the video-game industry... ...Read More »
Processing Power Results in Rapid-fire Moviemaking Until recently, digital cinema has been the poor stepchild of traditional 35-mm film, lacking the image quality and resolution to rival its predecessor. That is rapidly changing, due in part to a host of new technologies, larger frame sizes ...Read More »
Tools Knock Down Roadblocks in Filmmaking Workflow By Edward J. Correia Bandito Brothers is a Los Angeles-based media company that uses the latest technology to create high-quality audio and visual content, such as feature films and commercials for customers such as Loctite and NASCAR. Like any company, though, managers need to pay attention to the bottom line. ...Read More »
How to Convert MPEG to DVD on Mac OS X By WIKI This step-to-step guide helps you to convert MPEG file to DVD on Mac and the output files can be played on a TV or on portable and home DVD players. ...Read More »
What is ISO, Play ISO Image on Mac, Copy DVD Movies to ISO on Mac on Mac By WIKI I. What is ISO Image? An ISO image is an archive file (also known as a disk image) of an optical disc in a format defined by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). This format is supported by many software vendors. ISO image files typically have a file extension of .iso. The name ISO is taken from the ISO 9660 file system used with CD-ROM media, but an ISO image can also contain UDF file system because UDF is backward-compatible with ISO 9660. ...Read More »
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